Hardware-free POS solutions are no longer a myth.

Scan credit cards quickly with your smartphone camera.

A hardware-free point-of-sale solution. No scanners, no swipers, no hassle.

Hello, World!


What is Narwhallet?

Make the checkout process easy. 
Quickly scan credit cards with your smartphone camera and make the checkout process easier for you and your customers.

Accept payment for your business. 
Connect your Stripe account or Bitcoin address quickly. Create a storefront in minutes.

Say so-long checkout lines.
Is there a checkout line at the Apple Store? No, because this is the future of retail. Your employees need to engage 1-on-1 with customers and be able to close the sale on the spot. 

That expensive POS terminal? Gone. With Narwhallet, the only thing your employees need is a smartphone. And let’s be honest, it’s already in their pocket.


Custom features

Our team can provide a custom app setup to give your business an entirely personalized version of Narwhallet. Bespoke features and services we offer include: 

• White labeling
• Barcode scanning support
• Additional payment processing support
• Product database support
• Instant storefront setup for 10+ employees

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Are there additional fees to use Narwallet?
No. Narwallet doesn't charge any additional fees.

What do I need to use the app to process payments?
You need a Stripe account and your API Key or a Bitcoin address.

Where do I sign up for a Stripe account?
You can sign up at:

How do I create a Bitcoin address?
You can create a Bitcoin address here:


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